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Arizona spartan race

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RACE2016 didn't work for me either, but the FINISH10 gave me 10% off.

Steve Posted February 26

From the top of spartan climb, you could see race the entire course stretching and winding around arizona. Just shy of the mile one marker were the inverted walls. The volunteers here were very helpful with direction and cheering us on.

Quincy Posted September 3 I039;m doing the 11:15 time but I wasn039;t planning on registering spartan early The Spartan Race Arizona Sprint was race the same location as the last few arizona, Fort McDowell, an older rodeo centrally located on an Indian reservation. It was a warm and sunny 65 degrees as Spartan made my way to the starting corral.

Race is tradition with a Spartan start line, we yelled, Aroo and sprinted ahead. Being this arizona my first west coast race, I noted how thin the air seemed spartan the difficulty of the terrain.

Right from the start, we were heading towards a steep incline. The first half mile was spent maneuvering in race around and up and down the terrain while avoiding slipping on the arizona and touching the cacti.

Just found this group but I Next up was the 8-foot
I cannot do monkey bars. I most certainly will want to do weekly training classes starting in November, but 9:00 a.

Michael T. Posted February 1

Michael Tran Posted February 1

Wonder if anyone else has had a doozy of a (frustrating) time signing up for this using the Spartan promo code of RACE2016 to save 20% they emailed out. It comes up as invalid. I completed a web form inquiring about this and even to change my password to the website the submission button freezes. Another waiting game for their reply.

Carrie V. Posted February 1

Guess they take a week.
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      Posted September 2 LABORDAY discount code, 20 off the sprint.

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      Register as soon as possible for the cheapest price.