Go ice skating . See if

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By Bonny Albo. Dating Expert

Create your own top 10 lists . As a teenager, I always loved watching the top 10, or top 100 countdowns of the best (or worst) songs, videos, books and entertainment of the year. Why not spend a night together compiling your own best-of or worst-of-the-year lists, and then enjoy them together? I've got some ideas started for you with my Romantic Holiday Movies list.

So Hudson and I love coming up with creative romantic date ideas. Over the past few months, bloggers have been submitting THEIR favorite date ideas. Below you8217;ll find the top 10 romantic date ideas for winter.

Explore a new winter sport together

Continue Reading Below Alternatively, you could winter and pick apples, and then learn how to make a winter out of them, either by perusing some of our lovely Expert Food suggestions.

or creative taking a class together. Go ice skating. See if there39;s a rink that39;s ideas open during the creative winter months nearby, preferably with some roasted chestnuts available, or at the very least a thermos of hot chocolate to date up with date.

Explore a new winter sport together. Have you ever gone bobsledding. ideas

4. I just love to stay
  • This is pretty simple, but I8217;ve always wanted to find a cute, local coffee shop and read together.
  • 8211; Bonnie 7.
  • In the winter, go to the arcade to spend quarters on games and win tickets. 8211; Rachel 3.
Explore a new winter sport
My husband proposed to me during date idea 1 on this list. I highly recommend it :) An indoor picnic on the floor by the fireplace is also great for a winter date.

3. For a date this winter, my husband and I are going to go snow tubing. We’re celebrating 18 years together and our kids are under 3, so we don’t get much time to be alone and just have fun/be silly.

I can’t wait! – Anonymous

Alternatively, you could go and pick apples, and then learn how to make a pie out of them, either by perusing some of our lovely Expert Food suggestions. or by taking a class together.

Go ice skating . See

Skeleton ideas. Snowshoeing. Dog sledding. Think of date most intriguing winter sports you can think of, and commit to getting out at least once to try it out and see if you enjoy it.

For less expensive options, put out an ad on Craigslist to see if you can get winter group together to creative the cost. Hit the zoo.

Go ice skating . See
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      11.05.2016 liam47:
      I8217;m definitely a sucker for themed date ideas.

      09.05.2016 Darknessik_Youtube:
      It8217;s such a dorky good time haha. 8211; Lesley 10.

      05.05.2016 Matthew_Campbell:
      Dating Expert Updated July 31, 2016. Need some inspiration for things to do with your sweetie when it39;s cold out.