Part Three of Three: Embracing Your Independence

Breaking an addiction to a person

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Signs of an obsessive relationship may include delusional tendencies in which your partner or friend exaggerates any interaction you have with others. This person may think a smile with a stranger means something more. They may want to check your phone or email to be sure their relationship with you is priority. [10]

Remove alcohol, drugs, food, sex or other triggers that may be tempting you to stay in an addictive situation. Plan activities with positive people in your life.

Part Three of Three: Embracing Your Independence

Both people are supportive of each other. They want the best for the other person. Both people feel like they can rely on the other.

Both feel safe to share their emotions, desires, and needs without fear of being judged. Intimacy. This may be physical affection.

Unhealthy and codependent relationships generally Intimacy. This may be physical
Both people have a sense of self distinct from their relationship. Both have a sense of independence and maintain their own values, tastes, and beliefs. Both partners take responsibility for their words and actions.

Part Three of Three: Embracing Your Independence Edit

Face feelings of loneliness or depression. If you feel chronically depressed, seek out the services of a professional counselor. Ending an addictive relationship can make you feel empty inside and make you believe you will never find another person to love.

A counselor will help you to understand the importance of working on yourself and making sure you are healthy and whole. [20]

Take care of yourself. It can be

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