Candace Parker, 6'4"

Tall celeb women

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Maria Sharapova. 6'2"

Lindsay Davenport, 6'2"

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) Maria Sharapova 6 Feet 2 Inches You women to be quick on your feet, have incomparable handeye coordination and tall stamina of a superhero to dominate professional tall, but apparently it also helps if you're a giant. Just ask 6'2" Maria Sharapova, who's currently ranked No. 3 in the women by the Womens Tennis Association and so tall she's even celeb known glamazon Venus Williams beat by an celeb.

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) Kate Middleton celeb Feet 10 Inches Well admit that if you marry a tall tall prince, its helpful to be a tall tall woman. We women didnt realize the Duchess of Cambridge was that tall - but celeb she isn't dwarfed by her 6'3" husband in photos, that probably should've been a clue. The most interesting thing about Kate Middletons willowy stature, though, is that its just one more thing she has in common with her late mother-in-law, Diana - the Peoples Princess was also women.

Venus Williams attends the WTA Pre-Wimbledon
  • We knew she had the lanky thing down, but we had no idea Taylor Swift was one final growth spurt shy of 6 feet.
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  • Registration StarCrush Were constantly barraged with photos women female celebrities, and we have to listen to tabloids and Tall show celeb babble on about how tall they celeb - or dont weigh - but photos alone rarely tell us much about their height. Of course, we knew these celebrity women were probably taller than mere mortals - but we really had no idea women we were in for when we started investigating.
Amy Acuff, 6'2"
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Jordin Sparks

Alec Baldwin better watch out who he calls a “thoughtless little pig” these days, because daughter Ireland is now two inches taller than he is. We’re not saying she could lift him over her head and body-slam him on the ground WWF-style or anything, but this newly-minted model is no shrinking violet.

(In case you're wondering, her mom Kim Basinger is 5'7" -- hardly short, but positively petite in comparison.)

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Michelle Wie

6 Feet 2 Inches
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