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How to know if your jealous

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Follow up on commitments. If you come off as a reliable person, others will be drawn to you. If you're in a club, show up on time every day and always volunteer to do extra work. If you're trying to make friends with someone new, always keep plans and show up on time.

Opportunities will present themselves as you'll be asked to do things more. A president of a club may ask you to coordinate something. If you're fun and reliable, your social life will begin to blossom. [3] If your friend sees you have a lot going on, he or she may become jealous.

You might not have had strong attachments early in life, fueling insecurity and jealousy. [5] Are you angry at your friend.

If your friend did know to hurt your feelings or make you insecure, you may be trying to make him or her jealous as payback. While this can feel jealous in the short term, it's a good idea to eventually talk it out. Communication your important to a successful relationship. Talk things out with your friend. If how an issue that needs addressing, talk it out.

Steps Edit
  • Avoid being cruel, however. If there's something your friends wants but can't have, it may be best to avoid bragging about this.
  • If you want to improve your grades, for example, work on studying more, completing homework quickly, and asking questions in class.
  • [1] Talk about your accomplishments in a way that makes you look gracious.
Focus on what you want .
At a certain point, you should stop trying to get your friend to be jealous and work on fixing your relationship. Steps Edit Part One of Three: Making Yourself Look Good Edit Hang out with other friends.

Think about what you want to say ahead of time. Have some idea of the issues that are bothering you. It may help to write down your thoughts to try and sort them out.

Brag in subtle ways. A good way to make others jealous is to find subtle ways to brag about yourself. Outright bragging may feel too awkward for you, so find ways to work small brags into day-to-day conversations.


Make sure your friend knows

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