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Sposh allows you to listen to motivational and inspirational videos of different great speakers in various categories. You can choose to watch motivational videos in the following categories: 1.Entrepreneurship 2.Religion 3.Personal Development 4.Leadership 5.Marketing 6.Motivational 7.Fashion 8.Entertainment 9.Engineering 10.Fashion 11.Politics 12.Investing 13.Technology 14.Programming 15.Sport 16.


If you have any videos you would like to share then leave a comment with the link and in a few months time I can hopefully make a top 50 list.

J K Rowling – Autobiography

Nick Vujicic 7. Tony Robbins 8. Zig Ziglar 9.

James Arthur Ray – Live Steve Jobs – Commencement Speech
Dan Pena 4. Elon Musk 5. Evan Spiegel 6.

Мотивационные Видео: Sposh мотивирует вас в любое время

J K Rowling – Autobiography Part 1 of 5: 10 Mins

Steve Jobs – Commencement Speech at Stanford: 14 mins

Oprah Winfrey – Interview with David Letterman

You can watch the following

Jakes 31. Guy Kawasaki 32. Tom Ford 33. Mark Zukerberg 34.

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      11.05.2016 Sky_Dash:
      Programming 15.

      09.05.2016 Artem_Drozd:
      Well I have finally managed to get 22 great videos from some great personal development speakers and inspirational figures.

      19.05.2016 Carl_Sidodgi:
      Тони Роббинс 8.