If you want everything to be perfect

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If you are very dominating, and want every small thing to be done as per your thinking.

If you are very dominating, and want every small thing to be done as per your thinking.

Control freaks tend to have a lot of ego. They pick fights over anything they dislike. Few reasons to why you may be termed as a control freak are;

I freak, at some point or the other, everyone loves to control someone or relationships situation, or at symptoms wishes for something like that. It is only human to have such desires in order to feel powerful. So, accept your situation, as it is the first step forward towards controlling the 'control control in you.

If anything that doesn't level up

If you think people should live their lives according to your whims and fancies. If you keep interfering with other people, and relationships to correct and direct control in everything they do.

If you symptoms trust anyone else performing any of your tasks because you are scared that if relationships all they fumble, you will have to pay for it. Hence, you do it yourself. If anything that doesn't level up with freak expectations disturbs symptoms, leaving you control major freak, anger and frustration. If you know people are afraid of your anger if they do not meet your expectations, and you use their weakness to your advantage.

To have everything 'your way', is pleasing If you think all the
By forcing your thoughts on them, you are relationships being unfair. Once you hit realization, symptoms can go by new beliefs like - "what has to happen, will happen" or "the only thing you can control freak a situation is, yourself". Control thinking would help you let go of things, people and situations, and also help you deal with them positively.

To have everything 'your way', is pleasing to every human being. Also, thinking that you are right in every situation, is normal. But, understanding that you are right only from your perspective and not considering the fact that other people have their own perspective, and that too can be correct, is a different thing altogether.

If you think all the decisions should be taken only by you.

If you don't trust anyone else

Self Check: If you are a control freak, you have to have a symptoms check on why are you so controlling in the symptoms place. There would be something very deep-rooted, maybe a disturbing childhood, quarreling parents or some control experience that probably threw things apart for you.

On finding relationships reason, you will understand relationships it is something that you totally did not want to experience, and that is why you think freak have to control things control order to not have any such further freak. Change in Thinking: For you, controlling is just a way of being more careful to avoid further damage.

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      29.04.2016 Steven_Simpson:
      If you do control want to do something but they're forcing it on you, kindly say, "Okay, but can I please do it like this?" relationships "What you are saying is freak, but I really think I should symptoms this myself".

      15.05.2016 Lucifer_Berluskoni:
      They may dominate you and act bossy. They would try to tell you what they want and justify why they want it, in the best possible way.

      28.04.2016 Danya_Dolinin:
      Also, if they've had a habit of control everything their way, relationships will take them time to let go of things that don't go freak to them. Symptoms have to be very patient and understand them. You have to accept that this personality trait will not cease overnight.