26. Stop Wasting Your Power

How do i make my life better

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100. No Regrets

27. Learn To Ignore

That’s more than forgiveness, that’s the actual process of reversing a situation. Make peace with somebody. Turn it into your friend. I’m not saying this is easy, I know it first hand. But I also know it works. Enemies count down, friends count up. [ read more ]

Already translated and published in Korean and Farsi. Scroll down to the end for more details!] Without further ado, let8217;s go. Accept Your Mistakes You8217;re human.

29. Recycle Your Aggression

Live now. [ read more ] Like I already told you, there is now an entire ebook based on this post. You can get it fro free by clicking on the link below.

71. Help Others 89. Make A Story Out

And stick with them. Go for what works for you, not the others. Go for what you want, not the others. Including me. Make your own system and be proud of it. You may upset some people in the process, but hey, that’s life. [ read more ]

Shaking your comfort zone will often create a lot of value in your life. If you’re not satisfied with your job, just get a new one. The pitfall of not having money for a limited period of time is temporary, get over it. [ more on how and why to get a new job ]

For your or for a friend. It’s always good for your mood, even if – or especially if – you’re down. Do a thematic one, invite friends and tell them to bring their friends. And then expect to meet new, wonderful persons. And of course, have fun.

[ read more ]

Don’t throw it away, recycle it! Use it for something you really want! Call out those wild forces inside of you and put them to work. Aggression is part of your being, so don’t try to reject it, because it will only grow stronger. Recycle your aggression. [ continue reading ]

62. Get A Pet

Well, there aren’t any coincidences, I

50. Stop Being Judgmental

You8217;re here to acknowledge life8217;s wonders, not to prove anybody8217;s wrong. They8217;re not wrong, just have different opinions. And that8217;s part of life. [ really, just avoid fighting ] 26. Stop Wasting Your Power Are you doing something that you think you shouldn8217;t be doing right now.

Well, that8217;s wasted power.

With others AND with you. Excessive criticism
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      It will wipe out all those little imperfections which are making you8230; human. Being better, on the other side, is rewarding.