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How to be clingy

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If people need your help, they'll ask for it most of the time, so don't assume that people always need you to take care of them.

Learn to let go of the people or situations that hurt you in the past, and look toward building a better, healthier future of fulfilling relationships. Tell yourself that clingy to people is not the way to make them be more loyal to you - in fact, clinging to someone is much more likely to push him or her away. Don't be frustrated how yourself.
  • The more people in your social network, the richer your social experience will be, and the less likely you'll be to focus all of your attention on what just one person is up to.
  • This will make you be focused on what's important to you.

Learn to read the signs. If a

Get back in touch with those people and apologize for falling off the grid. Don't be afraid to make a friend date. If you really click with a girl at a party, ask her if she wants to try how class at your yoga studio or to grab a glass clingy wine some time.

Learn to like how alone. Many clingy people prefer to spend 99 of their time with other people. Wanting to always hang out with other people will make it particularly hard for you to be alone. Enjoying your clingy time" is an important way to build confidence, find what makes you happy, and just to decompress and spend time away from other people.

Set some short-term goals. This can
  • You can write down the target dates for these goals in your planner to keep you motivated.
  • This is not only healthy but will help you get in touch with your thoughts.
  • Make sure the person you're calling also calls you.
Don't be frustrated with yourself. You can't resolve all how your trust issues overnight - but you can take baby steps clingy make you feel more open to trusting people without being by their side all the time.

Build your confidence. A lot of people are clingy because they are unhappy with who they are and feel insecure about being alone, being left behind, or being ignored. Clingy people can even become overly paranoid that people are hanging out without them because they think that nobody may really like them in the end. Get over these feelings and work on loving who you are. If you're confident, then you won't be obsessed with people leaving you and will be less clingy.

Find your passion. You may have a love for photography, yoga, or the piano that you never even knew you had. Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone to try something new that could end up filling a lot of your hours.

Enjoy keeping a healthy distance. Once you learn to stop being clingy, you'll actually love maintaining a healthy distance from the people you love. This will give you a time to work out your own issues, pursue your own interests and goals, and truly appreciate the person when you do hang out. Having a busy and interesting life should make you feel much better than how all of your time with one person without anything else going on.

Take pleasure in maintaining several or even many wonderful relationships without spending your time obsessing over just one person. Check in with people once in a while. Don't be afraid to ask, "I'm not overwhelming you too much this week, clingy I?" Once you're aware of your tendency to cling, you'll be much better at avoiding how. Think about how much more you love yourself now that you know how to be alone and to clingy the things you really love without company.

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      02.05.2016 Andre_Rainwood:
      A lot of clingy behavior is rooted in anxiety - you may be anxious about being alone forever, anxious about not having a best friend, or anxious that people are laughing at you behind your back the second you leave the room. You may also just be anxious about trying to navigate multiple or how relationships, so you stick to the person or few people that you clingy well to deal with your fear of the unknown.

      02.05.2016 Diego_Forlan:
      If a person needs some alone time, he or she may not be answering your calls as often, withdrawing when you're together, how saying that he's having a really busy week. Don't try to be around even more if this happens, but give the person some breathing clingy.