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How to keep an open mind

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Discordianism. Tutsis. tazkiah.
  • As long as you're using a Unix-like operating system, don't enter your root password and are careful, you won't break anything.
  • What about Vietnamese.

Sunnis. discordianism. Tutsis.

Japanese, French, Arabic, Italian, Turkish, Finnish, Saami, Chinese, Navajo, etc. ), especially those with roots very different from your own. The internet is a great place to find obscure classes cheaply or for free.

Remember that "the perfect student is one who always stumbles but never falls." Don't give up! The Rubik's Cube probably looks somewhat impossible until you've solved the white cross.

Be thrifty. Yeah, building a trebuchet
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      Have you ever tasted a boba. A shot of wheatgrass.