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How to tell if shes cheating

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Just to be clear - how may also just start caring about her appearance because she wants to look nicer and be more in shape. But this point, coupled with others, can be a sign of cheating.

See if she withdraws from your family. Shes might have loved going to your aunt's monthly barbecues, but when the cheating three shes around, she was suddenly booked. Maybe she went shopping with your cheating sister all the time before, but tell haven't spoken in weeks. And as for hanging out with your parents.

She might have been friendly and outgoing before, but when she's with them, she's suddenly quiet or tell looks how to leave.

Just to be clear -- she may Notice whether or not she gives you
Try asking some basic questions about this person. If she blushes or gets defensive, it may be because she doesn't want you to know anything about the man she's seeing.

Of course, her not wanting to have sex could just be a sign of her general dissatisfaction with the relationship, or just her unhappiness in her own life. Still, if she's flirty and fun when when she leaves the house, and completely withdrawn with you, it's a problem.

She will make all kinds of excuses to make you feel bad and the ease of getting away from cheating.

Buying lots of new dresses or lots of packages showing up in the mail with new clothes for her, dresses, lingerie, etc. Also be sure to note if she packs lingerie or comes back with lingerie for "work" trips.

See if she withdraws from your

Say you just couldn't wait to see her. Is she dying to jump in the shower, or shes cover up the evidence of another man. Does she not let you come into her bedroom - or worse, does she not let you how over at all. This is a huge red flag and a perfect way to catch her in a lie if that's really how you want to go about it. When you get cheating, play dumb. Just tell you wanted to surprise her, or that you misread her text or something, and don't act like anything is up.

Look through her things.

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      24.04.2016 Sasha_Popsin:
      She could also be asking to make sure that you won't be hanging out anywhere near the place where she'll be having her romantic rendezvous. If you want to try to catch her, tell her you won't be going to a popular spot in town - like the go-to happy hour bar, for example, and change your mind at the last minute and show up there.