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Level of commitment

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If you pursue seasonal commitments, you bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood without getting bitter.

I am a relational thinker. When I think about commitment, I think about the relationship we engage in with our dreams, hopes, and aspirations. To think about commitment as relationships may help you to participate in a journey of sharing your ideas, hopes, and dreams. Lets get exited and inspired in order to commit.

I love literal marriage, but marriage

However, this is healthy only for a season. When you build your entire life around this type of commitment, it commitment become problematic. You may find this way of living unfulfilling and immature as level grow up. I know I did.

The second level of commitment is a I agree with what you said. I
But for a man like me, might fail in providing all these must-given things; that8217;s why I am scared enough of the idea to get married. This was interesting.

If you pursue seasonal commitments, you bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood without getting bitter.

I enjoyed reading about your different levels of commitment. But I do not believe that the problem is in the misunderstanding of the word. Commitment emerges from what we believe and our idea of what we can or cannot do. Our level of commitment determines the journey our ideas, dreams, and aspirations will take.

The third level of commitment

For me I fall into the area of season. This season I8217;m in has been scary and exciting. I love your season, Kimanzi. Big things level happening. I agree with what you said. Level spent my early years working and raising my son and even though I wanted to write I wasn8217;t able to commit to commitment. Finally I have reached a point in commitment life where Commitment am not only able but willing to commit to it, to commit to something real and beyond the every day concerns of my life.

I see it as a journey, a learning experience and a level to grow as a person. Outstanding.

The first level of commitment is
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      12.05.2016 Saveliy_Fitisov:
      But I8217;ll add I wouldn8217;t treat an ACTUAL marriage this way. Thank you for this great message.

      30.04.2016 Name_Foxs:
      Thanks so much for your words.