Signs of a controlling relationship

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Does this person bring out your best or worst traits? You want to love yourself at all times -- because you're awesome. If you don't feel great, it's likely because their negative energy is sucking you down to their manipulative level.

Feel scared of how your partner will act, or react.

Do they tell you you're acting strange lately. Do they comment on how different you seem - and not in a good way.
  • Hearing multiple versions of the "same" story.
  • Jealousy means they don't trust you.

The only reason they are manipulating you is because you're better relationship them - so rock it and get the heck out of their life.

You have to acknowledge that they are using your love for them against you to keep you trapped in the relationship. You are not at signs for loving them. They are signs fault for using controlling love as leverage. Tips Edit Don't be mean about it. You don't have to be like himher to get away. Just say it's not a match and you don't intend to continue the relationship.

Period. Don't try pointing out controlling of the above warning signs. relationship

Treat you roughly without your consent
Ignore your own excuses for them - you're just biased because you are in love. Falling head over heals isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you can't leave your head in the sand for too long.

Feel responsible for your partner's feelings.

Let's be honest: sex clouds your judgment. It should never be the only reason you're with someone. It doesn't matter how hot they are.

Always do what your partner wants you to do instead of what you want.

Tips Edit

" Warnings Edit Severely controlling and manipulative people are often produced by external factors such as abusive parents or clinical mental disorders.

You cannot hope to change or rescue such a person, controlling much as you may care for them; the best help you can controlling them is relationship (A) refuse to be their victim, and (B) direct them to professional help. Watch for stalking or menacing behaviors or threats, including threats to harm you or signs supporters, or to commit suicide.

Don't rely on your own judgment to determine whether threats are serious. Report them to the police immediately. This person is probably just difficult and signs dangerous, but don't take any chances.

If necessary, get a restraining order and call the cops each and every time it is violated. Compassion is not easily understood or accepted by these folks, and it just hurts you both relationship in the end, as it is likely to be used as a weapon against you.

Feel responsible for your partner's feelings .
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      09.05.2016 Justin_Jeckson:
      No matter what you do, you are at fault - and this kind of bullcrap can't stand. These are just games meant to screw with your head, and are common in controlling-manipulative relationships.

      19.05.2016 Fred_Gilegan:
      Call you several times a night or show up to make sure you are where you said you would be.

      07.05.2016 John_Will:
      Stop hating yourself for loving someone; dump them ASAP. Realize that they're amazing - on the surface - and you shouldn't beat yourself up for being attracted to that.

      29.04.2016 Mihuil_Dopkin:
      Ignore their fake attempts to make nice. Heshe does something that is totally unacceptable then asks your forgiveness.