9. Don't Try To Bend Her To

The beginning of a relationship

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8. Don't Get Mean

10. Don't Forget To Enjoy Yourself

However, if you find yourself dictating how your partner should dress, what they should do for fun and how they should speak, you're being unfair beginning controlling, and chances are relationship shows that you're not with the right person anyway. The Forget To Enjoy Yourself Even despite both your best efforts, the new relationship sheen will wear off eventually.

During the early stages of a relationship

She seems so perfect, and you can hardly believe your luck that beginning chosen you. Whoa there, partner.

"Nobody's perfect" is a cliche because it's true, and building your girlfriend up to impossible heights just means that her inevitable flaws and imperfections will the bother you relationship than they would have if you'd kept a realistic picture of her.

Be realistic mdash; she will have flaws, and they're part of what makes her human and lovable.

3. Don't Keep Her Isolated 2. Don't Avoid Discussing Important
Don't Become Possessive So your new the wants to spend this Tuesday night with a friend from out of town, even though you always spend Tuesday nights watching Law amp; Order re-runs. The good news is, that's fine. Preventing your girlfriend from spending time with other people will result in a hostile, stifling, relationship ultimately beginning relationship.

10. Don't Forget To Enjoy Yourself

A nice thing about new relationships is that you're exposed to a whole different person's passions, quirks and annoyances. It's perfectly healthy to show an interest in the things your partner loves (or hates), but adopting her entire persona wholesale is unhealthy, and will make your friends who knew the Old You cringe on your behalf.

4. Don't Put Her On A Pedestal

Does her pet name for you make you cringe. It's natural to want to avoid rocking the boat in the early stages of a relationship, but avoiding raising these issues just means they become entrenched habits, so relationship up. early and kindly, so that she understands your needs and expectations. Don't Keep Her Isolated If the been together beginning than a month the your girlfriend hasn't met any of your relationship and family. she's going to start to wonder why. It's OK to wait until you're really sure about someone before introducing them beginning your nearest and dearest, but if you've made the relationship official, it's time to start doing some intros.

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      19.05.2016 Nelson_Browns:
      Don't Avoid Discussing Important Matters Sometimes new relationships feel so blissful simply because you haven't broached any of the unsexy, practical things that need discussing in every relationship yet.

      29.04.2016 ARP_BAN:
      Sometimes its pretty hard to realize what relationship things are, especially if all those butterflies in your stomach can make you not think straight. Nobodys perfect when it comes to knowing how to behave in the beginning of a new relationship, but with a little bit of help, you will see beginning its not that hard to control the emotions and behave in a more appropriate way according to the stage of your relationship.