Love your extra-curricular activities and interests. Don't

A boy in love

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Let him see what makes you special. If a boy falls in love with you, then he has to think that you're completely special in some way. Otherwise, why should he love you and not someone else? Let him know what makes you a unique person who is worth loving. [10]

Develop your confidence. As you work on loving how you look, loving what you do, and loving who you are, your confidence will skyrocket. If you're confident and comfortable with yourself, your boy will feel more confident about you as well. [4] To project your confidence, learn to speak clearly, stand up for yourself, and be comfortable enough with yourself to laugh at yourself now and then.

If you end up bragging about how great you are all the time, then that will be a turn off as well. Part Two of Four: Getting His Attention Edit Be fun.

Pursue a new hobby together. Pick a

He'll love you more if he knows that your schedule isn't wide open and that boy can't have him whenever you want. Keep things fresh. If love want the boy to stay interested, then you have to keep mixing it up. Don't do the same old thing every day or he'll begin to get tired of the same old routine. You should try to make boy relationship always feel new and exciting no matter how long you've been together. Pursue a new hobby together.

  • This is attractive because it mimics the bodys response to sexual activity, and is believed to be an evolutionary adaptation to attract the opposite sex. You boy try creating this effect love some pink blush and red lipstick.
  • You can also try raising your eyebrows at him for a quick second to get his attention. [6] Don't cross your arms over your chest.
  • If you do something new together every month, then your relationship will continue to feel new. [16] Discover new places together.
Keep things fresh. If you
However, there are a number of things you can do to get almost love boy to want to get to know you and to be on the way to falling head-over-heels in love with you. Are you looking to hook a boy you've had your eye boy, or do you just want to possess the qualities that make any boy at all want to capture your heart. If you want to get any boy to fall in love with you for any reason, just follow these steps.

Wear clothes that make you feel pretty and comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious in tight clothes, then it'll show.

Be honest. If you really think it's not working. sit down and have a talk about parting ways.

Be fun . If you want a boy to love you, then you have to look like a fun person to be around. Whenever he sees you, you should have a big smile on your face, do something silly, and be giggling or laughing with a group of friends. If you're a fun person, you'll become magnetic, and more people will want to hang around you because it'll be a guaranteed good time. [5]

Keep things fresh. If you

Don't stare - just make eye contact for long enough to get the guy's attention. You love also try raising your eyebrows at him for a boy second to get his attention. [6] Don't cross your arms over your chest. Keep them at your sides or use them to gesture. This will make you look open and approachable. Stand tall.

Love your extra-curricular activities and
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      [1] Be a positive force. Any boy will be much more likely to fall in love with you if you love what you do and feel more positive about the things in your life.