How do you know your girlfriend is cheating

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If your girlfriend begins to start acting differently with the way she speaks to you and the way she acts when you are not around that could be a sign.

Just ask. Tell her you have something on your mind, and ask if she has time to talk in a private space. Don't accuse her (such as, "I know you're cheating!"), but do express your feelings (like "I feel like you're losing interest in our relationship").

See if she withdraws from your family. She might have loved going to your aunt's monthly barbecues, but when the last three rolled around, she was suddenly booked.

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See how she reacts. Is she jumpy and defensive, or does she give a quick and honest-sounding answer. See if she goes MIA for hours without explanation.

Once this happens, it's time to get some answers. There's no point in continuing on if she truly seems to have stopped caring.

Follow her. Though this is a major breach of trust, if you've reached the point of desperation but are too scared to ask, then try to follow her to see if she's doing what she says she's doing. You don't have to drive off after her car like a creep, but you could try to drop by the locations where she says she's going to be to see if her word is good. Here are some things you can do:

How to Handle a Cheating

See if she withdraws from sex . How to Respond when You Find Out
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      10.05.2016 Alex_Bradlee:
      But if you're getting desperate, check out her computer or phone if you can, to see if you can access her email or past texts.