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Single woman on facebook

Created: 26.08.2016
Author: Vova_Vasilev
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She tells you that she’s concerned about privacy issues. Consider this a pre-emptive strike on her part. It’s a clever move, because you’re forced to agree. After all, she has a point! There are privacy issues on Facebook!

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Well, not to be outdone, married women

Its still the best place to amass a stable of beta orbiters and potential alpha suitors. Im sorry if this describes your life. You put your foot in single bucket of shit. Dont worry though8212;everybody makes mistakes. If you havent impregnated her, there is still hope. You might be able to cut your facebook. Either way, I suggest that you call her out woman.

3. I’m an independent woman and Several months ago, I wrote about
Im an independent woman and I need my own identity She tells you that she8217;s an independent woman who needs her own identity. Be ready for this one.

Some guys will seek a retaliation at this point. They’ll remove their “married” status as well. That ought to show her! Fight fire with fire!

It's a value exchange, stupid

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      28.04.2016 Miguel_Venchenso:
      It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with an agenda that promotes censorship and sterility.